Students are always welcomed here at ECHO and we try our best to accommodate a variety of disciplines. We are committed to education for our community and are proud of the types of clinical experiences we offer to students. In order to maintain quality clinical experiences for all involved, including our staff, we at ECHO are happy to offer this form for all student requests.

Please note that ECHO has frequent student requests of all disciplines and spots are very limited. There is no guarantee that any request will be accommodated, even if a referral was placed by a provider or employee. We pride ourselves on providing a very fulfilling, enriching experience for students and this requires ECHO to be highly selective of student applicants. If there is availability, you will be contacted by HR for next steps, which will include an in-person interview for long-term students.

If you are a high school student, you must be at least 18 years old. These opportunities are extremely limited.

This form is the only acceptable format for all student requests. No phone calls or other contact will be accepted.

The student is responsible for knowing if there is an MOU in place and providing their school’s basic MOU for administration’s signature and review/revision if necessary. The MOU must be signed by both parties prior to any clinical experience’s start.

We are thrilled you are considering ECHO as a clinical experience and look forward to continuing educational and clinical growth within our community. On behalf of our entire organization, thank you!


Carol Collier-Smith

RN, Chief Operating Officer

ECHO Community Healthcare, Inc.